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Stop over jealous and insecure boys 2014 

what the hell is hw even code for 

hand wjobs 
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anyone wanna make out… a check to me for 500,000 dollars

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if u were dating a FBI agent and you dumped him.

he would be ur fed ex 

I hope the NSA people scanning my blog got a chuckle out of that

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ok throwback saturday

i never even realized that i haven’t mentioned this on tumblr LOL

but omg remember when i met my husband lee min ho (heart eyes)

and before you read on you should know that for like THREE YEARS i had these scenarios i would picture in my head where i would be like grocery shopping or something and then randomly bump into him and be like omg you’re lee min ho and i love you LOLOL yeah i was a weird child

anyways it was just like any ordinary night and i was on home on fb, and one of my friends i knew from high school posted a status being annoyed that there was being a korean drama filmed right outside her street and immediately everyone SWARMED her status with comments like OMG REALLY WHAT IS IT CALLED LALALALALA and so it turned out to be heirs LIKE WHAT ARE THE ODDS and i totally went frantic and berserk and was like messaging her WHERE DO YOU LIVE OMG and okay i went really out of control fangirl, and felt soooo bad immediately because i could tell she was obviously already in a frustrating position and was adding fuel to the fire, so i took a few breathers and apologized for being all up in her grill about it. FORTUNATELY though, my fangirl instincts did not fail me and I was able to find out ONE STREET, and that one street happened to only be literally I kid you not a few blocks away from my house. Mind you when I found all this out it was 10 close to 11. I immediately called my best friend and begged her to take me near there to see if they were still filming and whatnot, and she said she would take me so I SNUCK OUT OF THE HOUSE LOL (it was lee min ho come on) and she brought her little sis along. AND WE PASS THE STREET AND WE SEE THE CREW AND THE TRUCKS AND THE EQUIPMENT AND EVERYTHING. by this time i am already jumping and squealing and freaking out and wondering if it was blocked out by security. we find parking, when my best friend’s little sister says that SHE KNOWS SOMEONE WHO LIVES ON THAT STREET, so she calls her and asks if we can come over and lo and behold she says yes. so as we walk there and get closer, we find out that her friend is actually the house that they were filming right in front of. and she had these stairs that were out in front where we could see everything, and then yeah i was like dying by then. so we sat around, and immediately i spotted park shin hye, (she was doing solo scenes for a while) AND SHE IS SOOO PRETTY. no comparison to how she looks via computer screen haha but DUDE SHE IS REALLY TINY. so i was fascinated and mini-fangirling for a while but i was like searching for min ho since i knew he was around. LOL. after twenty minutes or so, someone with his stature came out of nowhere and sat in one of those movie star chairs, and i saw his profile AND KNEW EXACTLY WHO IT WAS and it was him and i was slapping my best friend silly and squealing and basically dying and yeah. at the time I had no phone with a good quality camera, and i was too scared of being kicked out to use my point and shoot, so i pretty much just sat there observing his beauty. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM WAS SO UGGHHHH.

okay so after about forty minutes of sitting around and observing, i mustered up the courage to go talk to him and possibly get a picture. i figured i would never have this opportunity again and the worst that could happen was that they would say no. LOL. so he’s standing around these girls (stylists/crew members/cordinoonas WHO KNOWS) and okay aint gonna lie, i came from behind and stood their awkwardly bc no one acknowledged me and he sort of came off as very arrogant…he was looking at one of those said girls, but she wasn’t really paying attention, and on his face had this look that was like….i’m lee min ho and i’m standing like 6 inches away from you looking at you and you’re not even looking at me???? and i was very very very off put by that but i digress that is my opinion and ofc idols and actors are human blah blah and i can’t expect him to be all the characters he plays in dramas bc that aint him anyways so i stand there HEART BEATING OUT OF MY CHEST and it was obvi they weren’t going to see me if i just stood there so i awkwardly croaked “excuse me?” 

OMG THE 4 STYLISTS/CREW/CORDINOONS WHIPPED THEIR HEADS AROUND TO JUDGE ME SOOOO QUICKLY. and okay, i immediately left my house looking like a damn madwoman bc i didn’t want to miss lee min ho LOOOL so yea i wasn’t looking my best. and ofc, he also turned around and looked RIGHT AT ME with a very curious look on his face. so then i asked, is it okay if i can take a picture? and all the girls immediately chimed in and were like oh noooo nooo pictures bc we’re filming and stuff and i immediately understood cause i know stuff like that is usually pretty strict???? and they were all really nice about it even if it was fake nice LOL. so then i say ohh, okay, AND YEAH HE’S STILL LOOKIN AT ME. so i turn to him and i’m like hi (heart eyes and speechless) and he’s LITERALLY STANDING TWO FEET AWAY FROM ME JFC I COULD JUMP HIS BONES FROM WHERE I WAS STANDING and then he said hello and i was like nice to meet you, i’m a big fan! and he said nice to meet you too in a very soft super gentle and calm tone (i’m dying thinking about it rn tbh) and I didn’t know what else to do I SHOULD’VE ASKED FOR AN AUTOGRAPH TBH but i was just like thank you! good night! and i did this awkward bow thing LOLOLOL and he just smiled and like nodded his head but barely so and yeah i turned around and walked away, legs feeling like jelly, heart pounding, i went back to my best friend and died. hahahaha afterwards we stayed for another hour or so and just watched as they filmed all these scenes. hubby is so hot when he drives cars tho. LOL. but i was scared that i was going to be discovered from sneaking out, and my best friend was growing restless, so eventually we just left. and ahhhhhh, now that i think about it, i feel like if i stayed until the shoot ended, then maybe just maybe i could have gotten a picture. ah but alas, i was so in the moment then and starstruck that just talking to him and having his full attention (not having to fight with a million fans) to sincerely tell him that i was a fan and he got to see my face light up just by standing there was enough for me. absolutely no regrets about it. 

honestly i couldn’t sleep the next few days/weeks without thinking about it and replaying it in my head, but it weirded me out quite a bit. i’m not sure if i was starstruck or what, but also that part i mentioned earlier about the arrogance really bothered me. i know as a fan that’s sort of bad as you can’t just have so many expectations in a celebrity as they have their own lives and stuff, it just sorta sucked bc even so, you don’t want someone you admire and like so much to be shitty or have shitty qualities, bc shittiness in general gets people down. after a few months and i stopped thinking about it all the time, it went back to normal and i began to slowly fangirl over him again. and i think i watched heirs like several several months after it actually aired, and my feelings about him returned to its normal state. but i think actually meeting him has mellowed me out quite a bit. that, or i need to watch more of his dramas again. anyhow, it was a tremendous day in the world of my fangirl life.

who would ever think that my crazy fantasies of bumping into lee min ho around my neighborhood would actually become true? to this day i love you lee min ho! my husband, first bias, my love, the cause of many tears and many swoons and many a heartbreak. thank you for making my life just for talking to me!!!!!!! heart eyes forever

/fin, sorry for abbreviations, runons, no grammar whatsoever. thug life.